Kate Middleton debuted a new hairstyle and caused quite a media frenzy on Thursday during her first solo outing since giving birth to Princess Charlotte. But something else that caught media attention was the Duchess of Cambridge's upskirt moment.

Middleton accidentally flashed her thigh during a visit to the Anna Freud Centre on 17 September, and Celeb Dirty Laundry is wondering "if the flash was a deliberate, rebellious move or an accident."

The website pointed out that last year Queen Elizabeth demanded Middleton wear longer hemlines in order to prevent wardrobe malfunctions and the Duchess' recent choice of "flowing silk dress with a front slit is surprising."

Celeb Dirty Laundry noted: "Kate Middleton's choice in a thigh-revealing dress raises eyebrows beyond the fact she was flashing so much skin Queen Elizabeth is going to have another heart attack. Many insiders are wondering if Kate's upskirt wardrobe malfunction was deliberate."

Many see Middleton's wardrobe malfunction as a rebellious move in answer to the Queen Elizabeth's alleged demand that Carole Middleton stop interfering in her daughter's life.

As for wardrobe malfunctions, the Duchess of Cambridge is not new to dress disasters. In 2014, during a Royal Tour of New Zealand and Australia, Middleton's bare bottom was exposed to the world when a gust of wind from a helicopter lifted her wrap dress.

A similar incident happened at Calgary airport in Canada in 2011 when a strong gust of wind lifted the skirt of her yellow dress and flashed her underwear.

Soon after the 2014 incident, it was reported that the Palace has employed a female "minder" who will make sure such embarrassing situations don't become too frequent.

"Kate will now be watched all the time. We can't afford any more embarrassing photos like this," a Daily Star source explained. "The poor girl was snapped topless in France while on holiday and now someone has got a photo of her bottom. She needs more protection to spare her blushes."