Danish Zehen died in car accident
Ace of Space contestant, Danish Zehen died in car accident.Instagram

Popular YouTuber Danish Zehen's death left thousands of his fans shocked. The Ace of Space contestant met with a car accident on December 20 and is said to have died on the spot. However, former Bigg Boss winner, Shilpa Shinde claimed the accident to be a "planned" one.

Danish, who was one of the most popular contestants on The Ace of Space, died after his car met with an accident when he was returning from a wedding. His followers on Instagram had multiplied many folds after his demise, but his Instagram account was suddenly deleted, for reasons unknown.

Now, Shilpa Shinde has triggered a massive controversy suggesting that Danish was murdered. Claiming the accident to be a planned one, she even asked Mumbai police to investigate his death.

"Heartfelt condolences on #mysterious accident of #DanishZehen May his soul #RIP but he will himself clear the clouds on this planned accident and will then rest in peace This requires immediate and serious investigation. He was not destined to go [sic]," Shilpa tweeted.

In another tweet, she said that a lot of mystery surrounds Danish's death, and hence, it needs to be investigated.

On the other side, Ace of Space host Vikas Gupta requested fans to help him in reinstating Danish's Instagram account. In a post on social media, he said that the deceased's family already requested Instagram to revive his account, but no response came so far.

"Tribute by @mtvindia for @danish_zehen It's a request to @instagramto please reinstate #danishzehen Instagram account. His family has sent emails and tried contacting but there is no response so far. This is very important for his family and people who love him please share this and tag @instagram on comments so that they take into notice. His brother is trying a lot from his side but I think when the number of people increase they will have to notice and take an action. #Coolestbadboi#zehen #aceofspace My #houseguest P.S. please come together to help his family #lostsouls," Vikas posted.