robert Pattinson and FYA Twigs
Are Robert Pattisno and FKA Twigs moving in together?

Once bitten, twice shy, Robert Pattison has reportedly demanded a prenup with his fiancée FKA Twigs. The actor is perhaps afraid that she might cheat on him like his former girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

The Hollywood Life reported that the "Twilight" star has developed trust issues after Stewart cheated on him with "Snow White and the Huntsmen" director Rupert Sanders and in order to save his 'multi-million dollar fortune', he has asked Twigs to draw-up a prenuptial agreement.

Robert wants to be careful, just in case it doesn't work out. He's worried about losing his millions should they ever divorce. He just wants to protect himself from the worst-case scenario," said the website.

The source also added that, "After Kristen cheated on him with Rupert, Robert has had his struggles trusting anyone. It really knocked his confidence and it's also a factor in why he's thinking about a prenup."

Meanwhile, the paparazzi is speculating about the reasons behind the rushed wedding and the only probable explanation seems to be that the 27-year-old singer may be pregnant with Pattinson's child.

However, the sources for the Hollywood Life have rubbished the claim saying that the couple is too busy with their career now and having babies is the least on their mind right now.

"There is no baby on the way and they are not getting pregnant anytime soon. [Getting pregnant] would be really bad right now with for careers and they are not ready to be parents," the source confirmed to the website.

"They don't want kids for a few years, they don't even want an accident to happen," added another insider. "They want to enjoy each other because neither one of them are ready to be a parent."