Selena Gomez
Selena GomezReuters

Selena Gomez has always scored high points for her amazing fashion sense on and off the red carpet.

But like every other celebrity, she too has been a victim of wardrobe malfunctions, and the most important thing to do in these situations is to laugh it off, Gomez said during a recent chat with MTV.

Talking about how to deal with embarrassing situations, Gomez said she once had to think quick on her feet when her entire dress zipper broke and she was left nearly naked.

"I was on a red carpet and my entire zipper broke and went all the way down and luckily there were a bunch of guys around me and I laughed and I was like 'give me your jacket.' So I'm laughing while they're taking pictures and putting their jacket on and then I'm like 'bye' and then I run and then once we were back there I was having people sew me in. I think when life comes at you with its worst, just come back at it with your best," she said.

Gomez said one has to find the humour in such situations, because no one can be perfect all the time.

The 22-year-old also spoke about how to deal with real-life predicaments such as wanting to stay back home when her friends want to go out. Explaining how she'll deal with such a situation, Gomez said she would let them go, as she is really good being on her own.

"Honestly, I would let them go. I'm actually really good about being on my own, I'd be like 'Bye.' I'd be binge-watching something. I usually like to turn my mind off with taking nights off. I like to be just watching a comedy, like 'Portlandia,'" Gomez said.

In a separate interview, Gomez gushed about her friendship with "Friends" actress Jennifer Aniston, saying they have fun hanging out. Justin Bieber's ex also noted that Aniston is someone she can lean on, as she is forever ready with maternal advice.