Sydney Police arrest 15-year-old for terror plans: A Sydney teenager and another man were arrested on Thursday in a counter-terrorism operation and charged with "conspiracy to conduct an act in preparation for a terrorist act". 

The two had allegedly planned an attack on an Australian Federal Police building. The 15-year-old faces a life sentence if convicted. 

The Sydney Police had grown concerned over the boy's radicalisation last year and had been working with his family as well as his school to move him away from extremism, The Sydney Morning Herald reported. 

The police had reportedly found photos of beheadings on the boy's phone. 

Isis chief Baghdadi is TIME 'Person of the Year' runner-up: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed caliph of the Islamic State,  had been shortlisted as a runner-up by TIME magazine in its 'Person of the Year 2015' poll. 

The magazine describes Baghdadi as being behind the transformation of the breakaway al Qaeda faction into a "transnational terrorist franchise" that recruits from across the world and has made "powerful enemies" in the United States, Russia, France and other nations. 

Isis, also referred to as Daesh, has become the largest and richest terrorist group in modern times over the last year. 

Baghdadi was ranked second on the coveted list, behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

Kandahar airport attack leaves 50 dead: The death toll from the over 24-hour siege by the Taliban at Afghanistan's Kandahar airport rose to 50, with most casualties reported among civilians. 

"Fifty of our innocent countrymen, including 10 soldiers, two policemen and 38 civilians, were martyred in the attack," the Afghan Defence Ministry said in a statement.

The 14 Taliban terrorists who launched the attack were also killed. 

Isis recruits in China: In a bid to win Muslim recruits from China, the Islamic State has released a propaganda song in Mandarin, titled "I am Mujahid". 

Al Hayat Media Centre, the Daesh media wing, released the song, which is more a war-chant, in which the group asks "Muslims brothers to awaken and take up weapons".

Isis reportedly wants to radicalise Muslims from China's restive Xinjiang province, which is predominantly occupied by Uighur Muslims. 

The Isis song was reportedly made in Pakistan, according to ANI news agency. 

Isis has support in nearly 20 countries: 42 militant groups in nearly 20 countries have extended their support to the Islamic State, with 30 groups having pledged affiliation with Isis.

The Independent shared a map of the countries where Isis has found support from jihadist outfits, including  Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Malaysia and several African nations. 

The major terror outfit that has joined hands with Isis is Boko Haram, said to be the deadliest terror group in the world whose killings outnumber those of the Islamic State. The Nigerian terror group pledged allegiance to Isis this year