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A new dating reality show titled “I Wanna Marry Harry" is giving 12 American women a chance to marry Britain’s Prince Harry. But the catch is that women are blissfully unaware that the man portrayed to be Harry is a regular English guy named Matthew Hicks.

The women have agreed to take part in the program after show executives convinced them that Harry is looking for an American bride. The 12 women were given an opportunity to spend time with the royal look-alike at the palatial Englefield House in Berkshire, in a bid to convince him to marry one of them, Deadline reported.

Reports have it that Ryan Seacrest and ZigZag Productions are shepherding this reality series, which will air on May 27 at 8pm EST on Fox. Hicks will keep his identity a secret till the final episode.

'Will he be able to convince them he's regal, and if he does, will they fall for the crown or fall in love with the real him?' the show's tagline reads.

“I Wanna Marry Harry” is said to be similar to Fox’s "Joe Millionaire," when the woman who decided to stay with Evan Marriott, despite knowing that he was a construction worker and not a millionaire as made to be, was awarded $1 million as a gift. But it is not yet known what the winner of "I Wanna Marry Harry" will take home.

“Joe Millionaire” aired more than a decade ago in 2003, and Mariott, who has since then split from the woman who chose him on the reality show, is a sad man.

In a letter to Jennifer Wright at The Gloss that has been made public, Marriott blasted reality television noting: “I never really wanted to be on TV and because I didn't understand the repercussions of how popular the show was going to be, when it came time to handle the minimal celebrity that I had, I failed miserably.

“People in reality television can be terrible people ... I reflect back to that interview I did with you in 2003 and think about what a douche I was ... All I can say to you is I'm sorry,” he said.

Meanwhile, the real Prince Harry is in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Cressida Bonas, and rumors swirling around indicate that he will propose soon.

"It's serious," a source close to Harry told Us Weekly. "I can see them engaged by the end of this year," and another pal added, "Cressida is who Harry was looking for for so long. He's very happy, and they're planning a future together."