Neha Dhupia
Actor Neha Dhupia during the launching of Gillette's new campaign “No Shave No Lipstick” in Kolkata, Mar 22, 2012.IBNS

Encouraging men to be clean-shaven, Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia has said that it is always "attractive" and that she is likely to kiss a "clean-shaven man."

During the launch of personal care brand Gillette's "No Shave No Lipstick" campaign in Kolkata on Thursday, Neha said: "Grooming is very important for everyone as it defines a person's personality and also how he is socially presentable. So a clean-shaven person is always preferable, attractive and creates a good impression, whereas an unshaven person looks bushy, rogue and rough," IBNS quoted actress as saying.

She said, "I am more likely to kiss a clean-shaven man on cheek rather than a man with stubble."

"Moreover women spend time grooming themselves for their men so women can demand their men to shave before come out of their houses," said the actress.