Shah Rukh Khan is willing to be on a video call with his fans. No, really. But, you're going to have to earn it. He's also told us how you can get on a video call with him. The process may appear fairly simple, you're going to have to spook him. 

Shah Rukh Khan launches #SpookSRK

As the lockdown draws on, the free time maybe something we have, still, Bollywood is trying really hard to keep us busy. Aamir Khan just told writers to send in their work. And now, Shah Rukh Khan has given fans an enormous task, spook him. It's like Bollywood is giving us homework during the lockdown

Shah Rukh Khan

Well, this one's training for aspiring horror filmmakers. Shah Rukh Khan shared a tempting challenge on Instagram asking his followers to send in videos of homemade horror films with whatever you have indoors. The prize? A video call with him. Moreover, the entries will be judged by the members on the Red Chillies Entertainment team. 

Now, it doesn't seem so doable doe it? At least, horror buffs may get a good kick out of the entries posted, and Shah Rukh Khan also guaranteed he'll be sending in his own entry as well. Funnily enough, the invite applies to ghosts. The actor recently dropped the trailer of the Zombie attack Netflix web series that Red Chillies has produced, this contest may be a promotion for the show. Still, fans seem excited in the comments. 

This lockdown is turning into a huge filmmaking challenge for the common man. You can write a script, make a film, perhaps it's time for a career change we weren't expecting.