The things people do to stay alive...

This takes the cake for the most bizarre news of the week. According to reports, in a pawn shop in Moultrie, Georgia, a man attempted to sell a Sega Genesis console on Tuesday, 29 September. Well, what's so shocking about a man trying to sell an old console, you ask? Nothing, unless the console is filled with crystal meth. Yes, really!

While you may be wondering if the console was still in a workable condition when being sold, any such enquiry went out of the window when employees of the pawn shop found crystal meth inside the game cartridge slot. We didn't know titles like Sonic the Hedgehog seemed better under the meth influence. Did you?

News about the cartridge full of meth was then passed on to the authorities who went on to arrest seller Jared Fournier. He was taken to Colquitt County Jail on the charge of possession of methamphetamine.

The store in question, called "American Pawn," discovered the illegal drug after 5PM, and employees proceeded to call the police. A local Georgia news station WALB News 10 reported the story as well, although, unfortunately, the news station didn't confirm or deny if the Sega Genesis was still in a workable condition.

Maybe that's the evolution of gaming that everyone is talking about. You know – handy supply of drugs with your favourite game cartridge.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]