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In season 6 of AMC's "The Walking Dead," fans will see that life in Alexandria Safe Zone is going to get complicated due to threats from outside the walls.

As a lot of fans have correctly guessed, the Wolves are going to become a major threat in the next season, and Rick and gang will soon realise that getting to them isn't an easy task due to the vast zombie army they have created.

In a recent interview with Melty, series executive producer Greg Nicotero revealed that the Wolves will use the "zombie army" to attack nearby communities, including Alexandria.

"We set up the Wolves in Episode 16. I love those characters," Nicotero told Melty. "The fact that you have people that are basically utilizing the people that they kill as ammunition to build a zombie army?

"We see them in Episode Nine when they get to Noah's neighborhood and we see the 'Wolves not far' in the background, and when the W-man at the beginning says to Morgan, 'Well, we're going to take you, too, but you're not exactly going to be alive,' we realize through the course of the episode that they are setting booby traps everywhere so that they can take people's possessions and then use them as a means to build the walkers in the traps, so it's kind of a diabolical plan."

Talking about the main threats in season 6, showrunner Scott M. Gimple had earlier noted that walkers will become a bigger threat to the once peaceful life in Alexandria. If the television series follows its source material, then it won't be long before the zombie army attacks Alexandria Safe Zone.

Filming for the upcoming season has already started, and fans were given the first glimpse of the zombie army by The Spoiling Dead Fans, a spoiler forum. Photographs uploaded on its website show a herd of walkers at the Gordon Road location.

"The Walking Dead" season 6 will return to AMC in October.