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After Jon Snow, Negan's victim on AMC's "The Walking Dead" is perhaps one of the most discussed topics online and several fans have come up with interesting and convincing theories on why they think a certain character dies.

Although Steven Yeun's Glenn and Norman Reedus' Daryl are two of the prime suspects, a leaked audio that did the rounds early in April hints at Glenn being the one to have a date with Negan's barbed wire wrapped baseball bat. In the audio clip, Lauren Cohan's character Maggie is heard shouting "Glenn," and this has convinced fans that he would be the one to die.

Another clue to Glenn being the casualty lies in the fact that AMC apparently went into damage control mode shortly after the clip leaked and asked many publications to take it down from their websites.

Fans of the zombie apocalypse drama will have to wait till October to find out who dies, and according to those associated with the show, we'll delve into it in the first episode of Season 7. But it looks like most of the cast members are in the dark with regards to Negan's victim.

 "Here's a good piece of intel," Cohan recently told The Huffington Post. "We shot the scene, and then individually went into a [sound] booth privately to record audio, so I don't know. Nobody knows what anybody else said."

Among the actors, Reedus seems to be the only one who knows Negan's victim. "I know what happens, and it's gut-wrenching," the actor told Today. Interestingly, Reedus' statement has sparked speculation that his character would be the one to go.

Season 7 will start filming either in the last week of April or first week of May, and if the story follows its source material, Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" comics, then several interesting characters, including a tiger, are set to appear in the upcoming instalment.