The Walking Dead
Fans will get to know who Negan killed in Season 7 of TheWalkingDeadAMC/Facebook

"The Walking Dead" fans have a long wait ahead of them to find out what really happened in that Season 6 finale. The cliffhanger ending gave rise to several fan theories and speculations on which character gets killed by Negan.

All the cast and crew members conveniently distanced themselves away from this question by repeatedly stating that even they don't know who was on the receiving end of Negan's barb-wired baseball bat called Lucille. But, as per latest reports, it looks like they may know a lot more than they reveal.

Tyler James Williams who played Noah in Season 5 of The Walking Dead, spoke with Entertainment Weekly Radio about the horrific death scene in Season 7, reports Inquisitr. According to him, everyone's stance that they don't know what happens, is not exactly true. He went on to reveal that he knows who dies. "Yes, Yeah, I know. They were still shooting [season] 6. So like, middle of 6."

The actor also added that this secret was told to him by one of the current actors on the show. "Oh, yeah, of course. We all still speak and they kind of keep me up to date and stuff on what's going on and all of that.... You have to understand [showrunner Scott M. Gimple] knows everything seasons and seasons out, so people knew, but we can't say anything. No one can say anything. So it's actually better to say that we don't know."

Well, it's definitely a good strategy to employ so as to avoid answering any questions on the matter and even accidentally revealing any spoilers. In "The Walking Dead" comics, of course, it was Glenn who gets brutally beaten to death by Negan — but it remains to be seen if makers of the show have decided to stay that close to the source material. "The Walking Dead" Season 7 is expected to premiere around mid-October, 2016.