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Filming for Season 7 of "The Walking Dead" has commenced, and thanks to spoiler forum The Spoiling Dead Fans, we now know that Steven Yeun, whose character Glenn was rumoured to have died in the Season 6 finale, was at the location on Thursday.

The Season 6 finale saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan hitting someone with his bat Lucille, but the scene went black before Negan's victim was shown. Since then there have been many theories on who dies, with a majority pointing out that it will be Glenn, as he dies in Robert Kirkman's comics, which is the source material for "The Walking Dead" television series. The fact that Yeun has signed up for a new movie was seen as a proof of Glenn's death.

But The Spoiling Dead Fans on Thursday confirmed that Yeun was seen on location, giving fans hope that Glenn lives. Apparently, there was an accident earlier in Peachtree City, and Norman Reedus and Yeun, who were heading to set on their motorcycles stopped to make sure everyone was okay.

Meanwhile, not everyone is willing to believe that Yeun's appearance on set is an indication that Glenn lives. "Until the 'kill scene' is aired, I would bet that all characters will be seen on a daily basis whether they are working or not," noted one fan. "Just because they're on set doesn't mean Negan doesn't kill them. They could be filming flashbacks or they're on their way to film the Lucille scene," another pointed out.

A section of fans also believe that the entire car accident was staged so as to confuse people looking for filming update. "I think this whole 'car accident' thing is rigged so they can show Reedus and Yeun 'near the set' to distract fans. They have the budget to do that. If is not and I'm being an a------, I hope people is ok," wrote one fan.

"The Walking Dead" will return on AMC in October.