The Walking Dead
Pictured: The Walking Dead Season 7 villain Negan.Facebook/The Walking Dead

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead was indeed a bloody one with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan showing off his brutal side by slicing open Spencer after he expressed a desire to take down Rick. The episode also saw Olivia dying, courtesy Rosita, who used her bullet to fire at Negan, but it ended up hitting Lucielle. As a punishment, Negan killed off Olivia.

However, the death count is likely to increase in the second half of the season, as the episode saw Negan taking Eugene with him after realising he could make bullets. Eugene's fate will be decided in February 2017, when the second half of The Walking Dead returns to AMC, but speculations are rife that he would be the candidate for a storybook storyline.

The comic book featured a character named Holly who is captured by Negan, but she returns to Alexandria Safe Zone a while later with a bag on her head. It is soon realised that Holly is dead and has been turned into a walker. Will Eugene meet a similar fate?

Elsewhere in the finale, we saw Rick and Daryl reuniting, and the plan to take down Negan is officially underway.

Warning: Spoilers from future episodes of The Walking Dead.

As readers of Robert Kirkman's comics already know, the war against Negan will be successful and the other communities such as The Kingdom and The Hilltop will join forces with Alexandria to take down the leader of The Sanctuary. But Negan is still alive in the comics, and it doesn't look like he will die anytime soon. Negan is still at large, after successfully escaping from Rick's captivity.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC in February.