The Walking Dead
Pictured: Chandler Riggs as Carl.Facebook.The Walking Dead

As expected, Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead focused on Maggie, and for a minute it seemed like she had lost her unborn child too, so close to Glenn's death. But thanks to the good people at the Hilltop colony, both Maggie and her baby are fine, and she seems to have found a protector in Jesus.

The character played by Tom Payne stood up to Gregory and appointed himself a protector of Maggie and Sasha, and when the Saviors descend on the Hilltop colony, Jesus made sure that they weren't found when Gregory ratted them out.

The episode also saw Maggie and Sasha giving a proper send off to Steven Yeun's Glenn when Maggie and Sasha kept Glenn's pocket watch beside a pile of stones.

As for what's in store for Rick and gang in the next episode, spoilers indicate that we will see Tara and Heath on a supply run and we'll also be introduced to a new batch of characters and possibly a new community as well.

The official synopsis for the episode titled Swear does not reveal much. It just stated that "a familiar face stumbles upon a brand new society. Their rules, location and setup are unlike anything that has been seen before."

Meanwhile, Carl has also set out to uncover the location of The Sanctuary along with Jesus, and this is a departure from The Walking Dead comics, the source material for the AMC show.
In Robert Kirkman's comics, both Carl and Jesus set out to infiltrate The Sanctuary at around the same time, but they do so alone. It's interesting to see how this small change will alter Jesus and Carl's storylines.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.