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"The Walking Dead" is currently on a hiatus after its eventful Season 6 finale that saw Negan, the leader of the Saviors, killing a fan-favourite member of Rick Grimes' gang. There is a long wait before the show reveals who Negan killed, but a leaked video supposedly containing the final scenes from the finale, which wasn't telecast, shows that Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon is the one to die.

The video was posted on Dec. 14, 2015, on the Facebook page of Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462 and it has since received close to 4,000 views. "If you look closely you will See Negan bashing in someone's head with his bat. Spoiling Dead said no it's not Glenn like the comic books they said it's Daryl Dixon," the fan page claims.

However, not many are convinced it's Daryl who will die as the video isn't very clear and we do not get to see the person's face. But a good number of fans are convinced it could be Glenn, the character essayed by Steven Yeun, as the actor will be away from Georgia to shoot for his upcoming film.

Season 7 episode 1 of "The Walking Dead" will solve the mystery of who Negan kills, and according to actress Lauren Cohan, the premiere episode is explosive and intense.

"I think there will be some answers right off the bat, and it will be very, very intense," she told E!News. "And then we'll be exploring avenues and relationships that we haven't yet, but you'll definitely be taken on the roller coaster ride," she said. "I mean, the season comes back with a pretty intense, explosive start. That much I know."

Season 7 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" is expected to air sometime in October 2016. Filming is expected to start either in late April or early May, according to the Facebook page of spoiler forum, The Spoiling Dead Fans.