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Season 6 of AMC's zombie apocalypse drama "The Walking Dead" ended on a major cliffhanger with Negan killing someone. The identity of the victim was not revealed as the screen went blank just after Negan swung his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat.

The death has been one of the most discussed topics since the Season 6 finale, and the brains behind the show have gone to great lengths to keep that a mystery. However, based on images and spoilers obtained by spoiler forum The Spoiling Dead Fans, it is almost guaranteed that Glenn dies. Glenn dying isn't too shocking as the character meets a similar fate in "The Walking Dead" comics, the source material for the AMC series.

However, The Spoiling Dead Fans believe Negan kills one more person in the Season 7 premiere and it could be Abraham, and it looks like they might be correct.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Greg Nicotero too hinted at more than one person dying in the premiere. Talking about his decision to end the previous season in a cliffhanger, Nicotero said he was happy with the decision. "I would have still supported doing it the way that we did it, because of the fact that the story doesn't end there. If we would have shown the deaths, then they wouldn't have felt our characters in season 7 the way they need to. And the thing that I think a lot of people will get out of it is how that moment changes the entire makeup of our universe within a split second. And it's that moment that launches our entire season 7 into that direction," he told the publication.

Sadly, Nicotero isn't the only one who has accidentally let out more than he wanted to reveal. Here are a few instances compiled by The Spoiling Dead Fans where the actors or those associated with the show have accidentally revealed spoilers:

Hershel's death -- spoiled by Norman when he tweeted a pic with Scott Wilson in costume all bloody around his shoulders.

Lori's death -- Spoiled by Chandler at a Con

Shane's death -- Spoiled by AMC while promoting the DVD release of season 2.

Beth's death -- Spoiled by AMC's Facebook page.

Carl gets his eye shot out -- Spoiled by Chandler's father. At a con event a fan was dressed up like the governor, eye patch and all. Chandler's father approached this fan in the autograph line and said, "Hey, my son will be wearing one of those soon!"

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, had already revealed that he will be coming back for Season 7, thereby confirming that his character isn't the one who get "Lucilled."

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC in October.