Andrew Lincoln's Rick and Danai Gurira's Michonne have come a long way in their relationship since they first bonded over their mutual hatred of The Governor.

The two definitely share a certain kind of love, but at present it is not of the romantic kind. For a while now, fans have been speculating about things getting hot and heavy between the two, and recently showrunner Scott M. Gimple opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about their relationship, saying the two do share something "intimate".

"They're really, really intimate. They have done things for each other that's familial or deep, deep, deep friendship. But the way that they speak to each other - for example in [the Season 5 finale] - represents how far these people have come with each other…I think they have an incredibly intimate relationship right now. I think there's something to be said about those two characters' journeys right now," Gimple said.

The season 6 premiere is less than a month away, and The Spoiling Dead Fans, a trusted spoiler forum for everything related to "The Walking Dead", have been updating fans on the plot of season 6.

Paul Monroe, more commonly known as Jesus, was finally spotted on set in a scene with Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes (Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln).

Describing the scene, The Spoiling Dead Fans source noted: "We have Rick and Daryl at the Dits Market today in Griffin along with the black truck. Now, if we only had a shot of who's said to be Jesus aka Paul!

"Jesus (at least someone matching the comic look) is there first. Rick pulls up, Daryl's bike pulls up. The car door slams really loud. First, Rick yells followed by Daryl. Rick says something, and Daryl yells 'DAMN IT, RICK!!' then Jesus runs toward them. There are lines between the actors, and Jesus says 'We've gotta go, we've got seven minutes' or 'We've gotta go, I've got seven minutes'."

Although a fighting scene was not filmed, there was tension in their voices, the source noted.

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC in October.