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Filming of "The Walking Dead" Season 6 will resume in May, and till then fans can only guess what's in store for Rick Grimes and gang who have made Alexandria their home.

The previous season ended with Morgan reuniting with Rick in Alexandria Safe-Zone, and chances are the two will clash in the coming episodes, especially as Morgan's personality has undergone a dramatic transformation.

"Morgan's story will be interesting because he was clearly a homicidal maniac when we saw him in 'Clear,'and now he's transformed into this Zen warrior and someone who is able to survive, who is able to take on multiple people with his fighting staff, but he's not someone who really wants to have to kill anyone," executive producer Gale Anne Hurd told The Hollywood Reporter. "When he encounters Rick, it looks to him like Rick just killed another human being in cold blood, execution style. There could be some interesting encounters given how their roles have reversed."

Morgan's presence is going to change the dynamics within Rick's group, and it is too soon to say whether it will be for the better or worse.

"I can't talk about where they head but I can say whenever the group adds new characters to their core, it changes the dynamic," Hurd told Deadline. "So with the re-introduction of Morgan, we're going to see the dynamic change. We've also seen how some things stay the same, in terms of the love between Glenn and Maggie."

Earlier, showrunner Scott Gimple had teased that humans won't be the biggest threat to Rick and gang in the next season; and based on spoilers from Robert Kirkman's comic books, the survivors will be gearing up for a confrontation with The Wolves in Season 6.

Although Rick and gang will end up winning the fight, leader of Alexandria Safe-Zone Douglas dies in the comic series. Jessie and Morgan are other casualties. But it remains to be seen if AMC's television series will follow the book.

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC in October.