"The Walking Dead" cast and crew are yet to give a satisfactory explanation on the fate of Glenn, who was seemingly devoured by a group of walkers in the episode entitled "Thank You".

Theories floating around suggest Glenn is alive, but last Sunday, the show removed the name of Steven Yeun from its opening credits, hinting that the character is no more.

While Glenn's death is indeed a shock to "The Walking Dead" fans, who hoped the character would stick around until Negan appeared, the zombie apocalypse drama might not be done with deaths yet.

According to Wetpaint, rumours are rife that another fan-favourite will bite the dust in its fall finale.

Reportedly, a spoiler is floating around states that "an established drama" will be killing off its co-lead in its fall finale, and all fingers are pointing toward that show being "The Walking Dead".

It is not immediately known who the "co-lead" lead is, considering "The Walking Dead" has a massive cast. "Our mind goes immediately to Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, but you could arguably make a case for Carol Peletier, AKA Melissa McBride, as well," noted Wetpaint.

Fans who believe the show won't axe such popular characters will be in for a shock, as showrunner Scott Gimple revealed in a The Hollywood Reporter interview that no one, including Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes, is safe in season 6.

"It's a very big season. We're dropping everyone in the deep end of the pool," Gimple said. "Things can get worse — in different ways. There will be some very unique turns to this story coming up."

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays on AMC. The upcoming episode is entitled "Now", and will see Alexandrians facing trouble inside as well as outside the gates of the Safe-Zone.