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The upcoming season of "The Walking Dead" is going to up the violence quotient with walkers becoming an even greater threat in season 6 than they were earlier.

This might result in Alexandria Safe-Zone, the place Rick and gang finally made home, struggling to prevent its inhabitants from coming in harm's way. The finale of season 5 saw Father Gabriel unknowingly letting walkers enter the Safe-Zone, and the first sign of a walker within the gates could be an indication of the dangers ahead, believes executive producer Gale Anne Hurd.

 "They are the overwhelming majority now. The world is overrun. That's why I think seeing for the first time a walker within the gates of Alexandria may very well be a portend of things to come," Hurd told Zap2It.

She also hinted at Negan, one of the most dangerous villains in the comic series, being introduced in the television series as he does in the books.

"The thing is, as you know, we are always inspired by the comic book. There are times where we bring an existing panel in the comic book to life exactly," she said when asked about Negan's appearance.

The notorious villain first made his appearance in the 100th issue of the comic book, but it is not immediately known when Negan will be introduced in the AMC series, as it has material from more than 20 issues to go through before Negan makes an appearance.

But when Negan does appear, fans will have to say goodbye to Glenn, who is expected to meet his maker the same way his character did in the book – by getting his head smashed with a baseball bat that Negan affectionately calls Lucille. Glenn's death is going to be a brutal one if the television series follows the comic books by Robert Kirkman. In the book Negan keeps beating Glenn's corpse until there is nothing recognisable left of the person.

"The Walking Dead" will return for its sixth season in October.