Rumours of Norman Reedus' character Daryl Dixon being killed off on AMC's "The Walking Dead" have been running rampant for a while now, and some fear season 6 could be his last.

As viewers of the zombie apocalypse drama know, no character is safe on the show, and Daryl is no exception. But this year, rumours of Daryl's death started gaining momentum after a familiar face was spotted on the filming location.

According to the Facebook page of the Spoiling Dead Fans, a spoiler forum, Michael Rooker, who played Daryl's brother Merle, was spotted on the set and fans are worried that Rooker's appearance could be an indication that Daryl might be biting the dust soon.

Interestingly, Rooker was not the only "The Walking Dead" alum who was spotted near Senoia. Tyler James Williams, who played Noah, was also supposedly near the shooting location. But no one has confirmed whether Rooker and Williams were in costumes.

On Rooker, here is what the Spoiling Dead Fans wrote: "We aren't sure.. We are only hearing this from one source right now (pretty reliable source though). They think he MIGHT have been in costume. Everything is still a big maybe though. We're still sniffing this one out. Hopefully tomorrow will offer better answers."

The last time deceased characters appeared on the show, they took with them Tyreese, and fans fear a similar scenario would play out this time too. Fans believe that show executives would be introducing Noah and Merle's ghost in a way to prepare either Daryl or Glenn for their death. Or, it could be a flashback scene featuring Merle and Noah.

Season 6 of "The Walking Dead" will return on 11 October, and according to showrunner Scott M Gimple, the upcoming season will be loud and scary. "Season 6 for a good while now, humans have been the bigger threat. At the start of our next season, that will change," Gimple said, according to Cinemablend. "I said the show reinvents itself every 8 eps, and we're doing it again, friendos. Now that these characters know they have what it takes to survive, what are they going to do with that power? How will they choose to live? Beyond answering those questions, we're currently putting into motion some of our most ambitious stuff yet, and things are going to get very big, loud and scary."