"The Walking Dead" fans have been eagerly waiting to learn more about Glenn's fate for over two weeks now, and it looks like they may have to hold on to their patience a bit longer.

The previous episode of the zombie apocalypse drama did not pick up the Glenn storyline, as the episode was entirely dedicated to explaining Morgan's journey to Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Based on spoilers provided by The Spoiling Dead Fans, this week's episode will be focused on Rick and the trouble brewing inside and outside the gates of Alexandria Safe-Zone. Although we will see Maggie and Aaron go in search for Glenn, we might not actually find out if he was devoured by the herd of walkers who were seen closing in on him.

The upcoming episode entitled "Now" is going to be a milestone for Maggie, as viewers will learn that she's is pregnant with Glenn's child. In the comic series written by Robert Kirkman, Maggie gets pregnant right before Glenn is killed by Negan, one of the most notorious villains to be featured in "The Walking Dead".

However, Negan is yet to appear in the AMC's television adaptation of the zombie drama.

Find below The Spoiling Dead Fans' Q&A on what to expect in the upcoming episode.

Q - Do we know what Abe, Daryl, and Sasha are doing in this episode?
A - No
Q - Do Ron and Carl fight? If so, why are they fighting and do any of them get hurt?
A - Yes about looking for Enid. No injuries just some back pain.
Q - Do we find out if Maggie is pregnant?
A - Yes she is
Q - Does anyone die? If so, who and how?
A - 2 Zombiefied Alexandrians killed by Jessie and Deanna
Q - Does the group have a plan for how to deal with the incoming herd?
A - They are waiting for Abe/Daryl to come back and lead the herd away
Q - Do we see Glenn at all?
A - No
Q - Deanna looked pretty distraught in that promo, does she do, or attempt to do, something drastic?
A - No, just horrified at the zombie herd

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