The upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead" is entitled "Here's Not Here" and according to spoilers it will be a Morgan-centric episode.

The official synopsis of "Here's Not Here" does not reveal much other than to state that a new face is introduced, and trust issues form. But The Spoiling Dead Fans has been able to gather what's in store for viewers, and according to TSDF sources, Morgan's zen master will be introduced in Sunday's episode.

We learned in the previous episodes that Morgan mastered his bo staff skills post-apocalypse, and his teacher was "a cheesemaker."

During a Talking Dead interview, showrunner Scott Gimple revealed that fans will have a whole episode to learn more about the transformed Morgan.

"We will, and I'm not making a joke, for real, it has to do with cheese," Gimple said. "There's a cheese component to the story … and that was not planned, as far as like, I had no idea there was going to be [James's] cheese B-roll.

"There's a small component of cheese to the story. I hope not cheesy… actual cheese."

Reportedly, the Cheesemaker's real name is Eastman, and Morgan met him at his cabin. The Cheesemaker transforms Morgan from a lunatic to a ninja by breaking him down and then working on him, TSDF noted. However, the cheesemaker, who actually makes cheese, doesn't survive long. He dies of a walker bite.

Here's a section of The Spoiling Dead Fans' "Here's Not Here" Q&A:

Q - What distracts Morgan when he goes outside after his chat with the bitten wolf?
A - Someone screams "OPEN THE GATES!" (We know from filming tracking that it's Rick shouting. In episode 5 we should see the full scene of Rick running and shouting with walkers following him.)

Q- Is the captured Wolf alive by the end of the episode?
A- Yes

Q- Do we learn who the wolves are working for or why they are just bat-shit crazy?
A- No

Q- Will we be able to determine from this episode how long it took Morgan to get to the ASZ?
A- Not that I could determine

Q- Will any other regular character (Team Grimes or Alexandrian) make an appearance in this episode?
A- No

Q- What is your favorite line from the episode?

"The Walking Dead" is aired Sundays on AMC. Click here to watch "Here's Not Here."