The season 6 premiere of "The Walking Dead" ended on a cliffhanger that had someone blowing a horn and directing the walkers towards Alexandria Safe Zone.

The second episode doesn't reveal much other than that Alexandrians face yet another problem when things were just getting back to normal. But viewers won't have to wait long to figure out who blew the horn and why.

This article features heavy spoilers for The Walking Dead television series and comic books.

Based on the information available on The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page, the Wolves are responsible for most of what goes wrong in season 6 of "The Walking Dead."

Who are the Wolves? Nothing is known about their activities before the zombie apocalypse. But shortly after the outbreak, this group of survivors started luring others like them into traps in a bid to take over their supplies. They are also known for carving the letter W on the heads of their victims, and using them as bait once they turn into zombies.

The Wolves are going to attack Alexandria Safe Zone in "JSS" and according to The Spoiling Dead Fans, episode 2 will feature a lot of deaths. Watch the episode live online by clicking here

Here are some important points from The Spoiling Dead Fans' official Episode 6.02 'JSS' Q&A:

Q - Who is blowing the horn and is it a result of the truck crashing into the wall?
A - Wolves and Yes.
Q - Does anyone die in the attack? If so, how?
A - Yes, too many to count. Lots of brutal axe attacks.
Q - Does Carol drop the facade and kick some ass during the attack?
A - Yes and F**king Yes!
Q - Does the whole group make it back to Alexandria for the attack? If not, which characters remain outside the walls?
A - None except for Morgan. (Clarification: Morgan returns to the ASZ while the others from the previous mission are still away)
Q - How does Morgan react to the Wolves attack and what is the result?
A - Stick beatdown baby!
Q - What the fuck does "JSS" stand for?
A - Now that would be telling.... One of the S's is Survive

"The Walking Dead" is aired Sundays on AMC.