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Season 6 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" is coming to a close. There are just two more episodes left before the big season finale, and fans have started preparing themselves for the death of at least one fan-favourite.

While there hasn't been any confirmation of which popular character will die, rumours put Glenn, Daryl and Carol in danger. However, if the television series follow Robert Kirkman's comics, then Abraham is a sure casualty. So is Glenn.

While Dwight, Negan's right-hand man, is the one who finishes off Abraham by shooting him with a crossbow, Glenn is killed by the leader of the Saviors himself. Negan, considered one of the most notorious villains to appear in Kirkman's comic, bashes Glenn's head with a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat, thereby killing him.

However, according to spoiler forum The Spoiling Dead Fans, Denise is the one who gets killed by Dwight, giving fans hope that Abraham might be saved from a gruesome death after all.

The official synopsis for "Twice as Far" does not reveal much about what's in store for Rick and gang. It states that two separate groups leave the safety of Alexandria Safe-Zone for supplies – one group for medicines and another for ammunition. While on the run for supplies, they will come across unexpected threats, presumably from the Saviors.

In other "The Walking Dead" news, the spoiler forum has obtained details of a scene from the finale that involves Morgan and Carol.

In one scene Morgan is on horseback, looking for Carol. He stumbles across a freshly killed walker and Carol's blood-stained rosary. He picks it up and continues on his search. At some point, Morgan finds Carol at a library camp. The survivors at this camp have all been slaughtered (presumably by the Saviors). Carol is injured with a slash wound on her side. Morgan patches her up with a first-aid kit and tells her that he'll get her back to get some help in the morning. Carol looks at him like he's crazy and tells him no.

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