Walking Dead S6 E10
Walking Dead S6 E10AMC

This Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead," titled "Twice as Far," will once again see Dwight making an appearance after the events of "Always Accountable" that saw him taking Daryl's crossbow and motorcycle.

At the time Daryl did not know that Dwight was part of a gang of survivors called the Saviors, but things will change in "Twice as Far." According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, Dwight and Daryl will come face-to-face and the latter will get back his crossbow following a fight with the Saviors.

As fans of Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" series of comics know, Dwight is Negan's right-hand man. Although Dwight is an important member of the Saviors, he is also a victim of Negan's cruelty. Negan burned one side of Dwight's face after he was caught sneaking around with one of Negan's wives.

According to the synopsis for "Twice As Far," two groups will leave the safety of Alexandria Safe-Zone for supplies, but they will encounter new threats before they complete their task.

There will also be an unexpected death. The Spoiling Dead Fans noted that Denise Cloyd, a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone who is also Tara's girlfriend, will be killed while out looking for supplies.

Here are a few additional spoilers from Sunday's episode, thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans:

-Who are the two groups that are out looking for supplies?
Eugene and Abraham (Eugene looking for a place to make ammo)
Denise, Rosita and Daryl (Looking for medicine)

-What is Rick's reaction to Morgan's jail cell? Do we find out what the cell is for?
Rick just asks what's it for. Morgan says it will give some choices next time.

-Why is Carol on Tobin's porch?
It's a 1 second shot. She kisses Tobin quickly as he leaves. She appears to be just waiting for him

-Will Dwight make an appearance and if so, is his face ironed?
Yes he does and his left side is burned

"The Walking Dead" Season 6 episode 14 airs March 20 on AMC.