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Things weren't looking good for Rick's gang in the previous episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead," as it saw Carol and Maggie being taken prisoners by the Saviors. And on this Sunday's episode titled "The Same Boat," viewers will get to see how Maggie and Carol escape from their captors.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, it involves some remarkable acting by Carol, who will fool the Saviors into thinking she's a meek woman.

"Carol gets religion," the spoiler forum revealed. "Carol's uncanny ability to pretend to be somebody she's not is highlighted again as Carol convinces her captors she is panicked, scared and in need of comfort from some rosary beads. Little do her captors know that these will make a great cutting tool and as always, Carol has a plan."

As for Maggie, she will be stabbed and punched by the three women captors. But when the episode comes to an end, none of the three women will be alive, noted The Spoiling Dead Fans.

TVLine had teased a big Carol-Daryl moment in the episode saying that "Carly" shippers will be pleased with it. Although this sparked speculation of a romantic relationship between the two, The Spoiling Dead Fans noted that the big "Carly" moment just involves the two of them hugging at the end of the episode.

"The Walking Dead" will be aired Sunday on AMC. Click here to watch the episode.

Here are a few additional spoilers from Sunday's episode, thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans.

-"We are all Negan." The iconic, comic line will be uttered by one of the female captors.

- Shish-ka-Savior. You'll never eat meat on a skewer again after you see what Carol does to one of the female captors. (Likely Alicia Witt.)

- Cigarettes will kill…people. Adding tar and nicotine to her killing repertoire, Carol mic drops her cancer stick in a most dramatic way after the captors send for reinforcements.

- Maggie & Glenn reunite, complete with Maggie's declaration that she won't leave him again.