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Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" will see Rick and the gang putting into action their plan to attack the Saviors before they attack Alexandria Safe-Zone.

According to actor Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron, Sunday's episode titled "Not Tomorrow Yet" will be action-heavy as the Alexandrians take on the Saviors. However, Rick and gang will soon realise they are outmatched.

"This is, I think, the most action heavy season we've ever had. [Not Tomorrow Yet] is a prime example of that," Marquand told KTLA. "We're seeing the group, you'll find they come against the Saviors and Negan and this real threat of the other communities outside of Alexandria. We're finding that the world is much larger and much more scary than we originally thought."

Will the viewers finally get to meet Negan in "Not Tomorrow Yet"? According to the spoilers released by The Spoiling Dead Fans, Negan won't make an appearance in the upcoming episode. But by the end of the episode, Maggie and Carol will find themselves in trouble. The spoiler forum pointed out that the episode will end with some woman informing Rick that they have Maggie and Carol.

As for what else will happen in episode 12, The Spoiling Dead Fans revealed that Abraham will be stabbed, but no one from the core group is expected to do in the episode.

"The Walking Dead" is aired Sundays on AMC. Watch the episode online by clicking here.

Here are some excerpts from The Spoiling Dead Fans' "Not Tomorrow Yet" Q&A:

Q-What is the group's plan to attack the Saviors? Who all goes?
A-Attack at night, secure the armoury and to give them "gregory's head" to get them inside.

Q-How are Carol and Maggie captured?
A-We don't get to see it.

Q-Do they fight the Saviors? How many are there?
A-Yes. Probably saw about 20+

Q-Does anyone die? If so, who and how?
A-Several Saviours are killed. Stabbed/Shot

Q-Does Morgan oppose the plan to go after the Saviors? If so, what is Rick's reaction?
A-Yes he does. He argues his point with Rick in the Church. He argues that they should attack first rather than talking. No one else agrees with Morgan.

Q-What are Carol and Maggie arguing about? Why are they separated from the group?
A-They were left behind to guard the perimeter of the saviours compound. They are arguing about Maggie staying. Carol thinks she should have stayed behind back at Alexandria