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A cast member of "The Walking Dead" television series, which is currently filming its sixth season, could have spoiled the death of a major character when he accidentally tweeted a goodbye message a few days back.

Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham on the zombie apocalypse, retweeted a message from Josh McDermitt (Eugene) that hinted that either Abraham or Eugene's departure from the show was imminent.

Cudlitz's message was in response to McDermitt's tweet informing his fans that he was busy shooting a movie called "Middle Man."

 "Enjoy. I had a blast working with you. (I did)..RT@JoshMcDermitt: Haven't been on much - been shooting an awesome movie called Middle Man. I can't wait for you to see it #TBird," the tweet read.

Cudlitz later changed the message to just "Enjoy!"

The Spoiling Dead Fans have not confirmed if either of the characters are dead. The spoiler forum noted in a post that "Josh was confirmed filming as of Friday. Our reports say that Josh's car was at base camp yesterday, but he was not seen. Everyone else was seen in street clothes. We're not calling a Mullet Death at this point, but this is definitely something to keep an eye on that we should be able to confirm in the coming weeks."

If Eugene does bite the dust in the coming season, it will be a great departure from "The Walking Dead" comic book series, as the character outlives Abraham, who meets his end shortly before Negan arrives.

McDermitt earlier spoke to Zap2It about the possibility of his character dying, saying: "I don't think anyone can ever look at the comics and go, 'Well this is how my character's arc is going to go,' but it is nice to know that he's still alive. Robert Kirkman probably has a reason to keep him around at this point, but again, the show is its own thing and I can only take it episode by episode."

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC in October.