The Walking Dead
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The upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead" entitled "Four Walls and a Roof" will see Rick and his group battling some very nasty people, and if spoilers doing the rounds are to be believed, then death is sure to come calling for a character.

Will Bob die? The last we saw, the cannibals were feasting on Bob's leg, and theories floating around suggest that Bob's leg was infected when a walker attacked him in episode 2. He then gets captured by Gareth and the rest of the Termites, who barbeques Bob's leg.

"If it makes you feel any better, you taste much better than we thought you would," Gareth was heard saying towards the end of episode 2.

Another question plaguing fans is whether Rick and gang will leave Bob behind to continue their journey towards Washington DC. Based on Twitter chatter, a majority of fans have given up hope for Bob, but actor Andrew Lincoln, who essays the role of Rick Grimes, feels otherwise.

"It'd be wrong to say that it's hopeless for anyone. We saw Hershel get around for a long time on one leg. I wouldn't want to say it's hopeless for Bob; that would be misleading," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Other theories suggest that Gareth and Rick will work together to find a cure for the zombie apocalypse, and Gareth will use Bob as a leverage, as he is more interested in survival.

Gareth, the leader of the cannibals, is said to be the television version of Chris, leader of "The Hunters in the Walking Dead" comic books, and speculations are rife that he might be dying after consuming tainted meat. This will result in Gareth forming an uneasy alliance with Rick.

"[He's after] whatever would best serve him and [allow his group to survive] for the longest period of time," Andrew J. West told TVGuide.

"Whatever system he can find to allow his survival is the system that he will subscribe to. Now, if that happens to include joining forces with another group, or if that happens to include destroying another group, he'll do it. It's just about surviving and whatever it takes to get that job done. We're going to see as we move on from here how he goes about trying to accomplish that," he said.