Norman Reedus
Norman ReedusWikimedia Commons/Thibault

When season five of "Walking Dead" comes back in October, one major character will meet his death right in the first episode, show's creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman teased on Thursday.

"In our premiere episode of season 5 we're going to give a ton of answers of who the people of Terminus are, what they're doing, why they're doing it, what's going on with them. And by the end of that episode you're going to have a much better understanding of what's going on with them and why they're so important to the show. Oh, and Daryl dies," Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly.

The character of Daryl is played by Norman Reedus, and he is considered an important member of the group due to his excellent survivor skills. And now that Daryl's death has been confirmed, rumors surrounding Beth and Daryl's relationship will also be put to rest.

Rumors of Daryl falling in love started doing the rounds in April when showrunner Scott Gimple said that Daryl will eventually find romantic love.

"I would say that Daryl has already found familial love," said Gimple on Larry King Now. "If you're talking romantic love, I'm going to say, 'I think so.'"

While many speculated that Beth might be the one to finally make Daryl fall in love, Reedus raised doubts of such a situation cropping up.

"I can't tell you if there's going to be a romantic thing; we're not allowed to talk about that stuff. But never say never! She's a cute girl in the zombie apocalypse and Daryl could do much worse," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on the reactions of fans, not everyone is happy with the possibility of one of their favourite character dying.

Check out some of the gems from Twitter.

Kirkman also revealed that Rick Grimes and the rest of the group will escape from the train car in season five by employing some "ingenuity and creativity and somewhat savageness."

Although the premiere date of season five is yet to be announced, speculation suggests that the first episode of the season will air on October 12.