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AMC's zombie apocalypse "The Walking Dead" will air its last episode of season 5 on Sunday at 9 pm ET, and the episode titled "Conquer" is expected to be an emotional one that has some shocking surprises in store.

Fans can catch the finale online at

As for what to expect in the episode, the cast and the crew have been hinting at an emotional ending, with the danger of a fan-favourite character losing his/her life looming ahead. But if information received by spoiler forum The Spoiling Dead Fans is accurate, then no one from Rick's group is expected to bite the dust.

Meanwhile, the spoiler forum has leaked online the summary of the "Conquer"; here are the highlights.

Morgan catches up with Rick and gang: The opening sequence is of Morgan camping out in the forest and soon an armed man points a gun at him. The man has a W on his head, and Morgan enquires the backstory about the wolves.

Later, when Daryl and Aaron are on the run and encounter walkers, Morgan catches up with them and helps them out. All three will then proceed towards Alexandria Safe Zone.

Glenn and Nicholas: The promo shows Glenn clenching his teeth and crying, sparking speculation that he loses someone close to him. But according to the leaked summary, Glenn gets shot in the shoulder and falls down a slope after he follows Nicholas into the forest.

In the next shot featuring Glenn, we'll see him fighting Nicholas, but unfortunately Glenn will be stuck under a pile of walkers. "Glenn points a gun to Nicholas' head, but spares his life," the summary read.

Deaths: While no one from Rick's group will die in the finale, two others from the new community will not be as lucky. One of the final shots will see both Pete and Reg losing their lives.

"A wild-looking Pete appears wielding Michonne's katana and shouts "You're not one of us!" He pushes Reg out the way, slitting his throat by accident. Abe pins Pete down. Deanna hysterically holding a dying Reg says, "Rick, do it." Without hesitation, Rick executes Pete," the summary read.