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The lifespan of Michael Cudlitz's character, Abraham, in "The Walking Dead" is going to be cut short if the series is going to stay true to its source material -- the comics by Robert Kirkman.

As fans of the comic book would know, Abraham Ford is going to be killed shortly after the gang reaches Alexandria Safe-Zone, a walled community in Alexandria, Virginia. Abraham gets shot in the back of his head while talking to Eugene, who gets taken as hostage by a survivor named Dwight. This scene will be introduced in the second half of season 5, and it will also feature the death of Eugene.

But if Cudlitz has a choice, he would like to stay on till the character of Negan is introduced, and possibly have a go at Negan, who is notorious for beating people to death with his weapon Lucille, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. 

"I would love to be involved with Negan," Cudlitz told Zap2It. "If they decide I'm going to go during that time, I would love to have some badass, hand-to-hand deal with Negan."

"Personally, I think he's more frightening before we meet him, because we see the reach of what he does in the comics and stuff," the actor explained. "I'm hopeful we hear about him quite a bit, see the effects he has. I can hold off on meeting him for a while, partially because I don't know how they're going to create that character to be able to exist in the world of television because of the stream of profanities that he speaks with."

It is not immediately known who will play Negan, and although initial buzz placed "The Transporter" actor Jason Statham as Negan, Kirkman refuted these rumours with a tweet. "As much as I love Jason Statham, and I mean LOVE, this Negan casting rumor is just a HOAX. But seriously, Jason... Call me. #XOXOXO."

Reports suggest the character is yet to be cast, and it doesn't seem likely that Negan will be introduced anytime in season 5.

On being asked when the character would make his appearance on the show and how he will be adapted, Kirkman told Business Insider: "Negan says a word that you can't say on television. I understand that. I think that there are ways around that. Luckily, we're not going to have to work that out for some time. I'm not going to say when Negan will possibly show up on the show, but it's not any time soon."