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On Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead," Rick Grimes and gang managed to escape from Terminus before being eaten alive by its inhabitants, and this finally confirmed rumours that the people of Terminus were indeed cannibals.

With the theme of the season being "hunt or be hunted," the episode focused on how the members of the gang tried to hold on to their humanity as their lives were being endangered, and towards the end of the episode, fans saw a tender side of Rick when he held on to his daughter after believing her dead.

In true "The Walking Dead" fashion, the season premiere was full of gory, cringe-worthy scenes, and if spoilers are any indication, then fans can expect things to get even more darker as Rick and gang continue their journey to Washington DC.

In the second episode, the group will stumble upon Father Gabriel in the woods, as he tries to fight off the three walkers.

It is believed that Father Gabriel will have the same back-story as in the comics, where he locked himself in his church after the zombie outbreak and refused to open the church doors to his parishioners who sought help.

The Father, who is seeking redemption, is expected to have some food and supplies with him, and the synopsis of the episode titled "Strangers" note that "Rick leads a risky mission for a possible small reward when the supplies run low."

Meanwhile, speculations of Beth being dead have been doing the rounds for a while now, and it gained traction after the season premiered.

Supporting the theory is a thread on the Spoil the Dead forum, and many fans have noted that the character of Beth has not been photographed since filming began in July.

Tyler, a character who was in the hospital with Beth has been spotted filming with some members of Rick's group. "Where is Beth? Based on evidence over the past 3 months it is likely that Beth is dead. I am a non shipper. Fact finder. Spoiler police, looking for evidence. EK (Emily Kinney) has not been spotted on set since 15 July," one fan wrote, according to The Epoch Times.

Another fan, who supported the dead theory, noted that Kinney said recently that she plans on doing a big tour next spring, and this is an indication that her character has been killed.

However, executive producer Scott Gimple said that as of episode two, Beth was alive. "She's alive, it looks like she's not having a good time, and it looks like there's a story behind that," he said, according to the website.