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The upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead" will finally reveal how Carol ends up in the hospital where Beth is kept prisoner.

The sixth episode of season 5 is titled "Consumed," and it will focus on Carol and Daryl's ill-fated adventure, which started off in Episode 3. The episode will premiere on Sunday, 16 November, and the official synopsis states: "Stakes are high when members of the group must go on a heroic rescue mission in a previously known location."

So what's in store for Daryl and Carol in "Consumed?" Here's what we know from the two trailers that have been released.

The first trailer shows Daryl and Beth following a car with a cross, hinting that the episode picks up immediately after the events of Episode 3. The duo follows the car believing it could lead them to Beth, who Daryl says was last seen taken in a car with a white cross.

Although they are following the car at a safe distance, their car is running out of gas and Daryl mentions that Rick would soon wonder what happened to them. "We can end this quick," Carol says. "Just run him off the road."

The clip fades out before we know what Daryl decides, but The Spoiling Dead Fans spoilers indicate that the episode will feature a scary van drop from a bridge.

The second trailer shows Daryl walking towards a fire with a body in his arms and after he puts the body in the fire, Carol thanks him. While it is not immediately known whose body is being burned, spoilers hint that it was a young walker who reminded Carol of her daughter and wanted to give the child a proper burial.

Filming spoilers also showed Carol getting hit by a car with a cross on it, and according to The Spoiling Dead Fans two people dressed as cops soon apprehend Carol.

" Spectators say that after Carol was hit, two individuals dressed as cops came out of the vehicle. After seeing them, Carol faints and is loaded into the vehicle on a cot. The broken window on the car was replaced after the scene was shot. We know MMB arrived back from the scene with what looked like rope burns on her wrists and her stunt double arrived back about an hour later looking 'pretty damn rough.'"