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The previous episode of "The Walking Dead" ended with Carol being hit by a car and being taken to officer Dawn Lerner's hospital, where Beth is held a prisoner. But Beth's insistence that office Dawn save Carol's life is going to put her friend's life in danger, as officer Dawn tries to assert her authority over Beth.

A sneak peak of the next episode, titled "Crossed," shows Beth urging the officer to save Carol when another officer questions the need to waste hospital resources on a patient who has no hopes of surviving. Beth, who is seen mopping the floor, immediately snaps, and urges them to help out Carol.

Sadly, Beth's interference does not please Dawn, who asks the officer to turn off the machines keeping Carol alive. "You just killed that woman," Dawn tells Beth.

Meanwhile, if spoilers are to be believed, then "Crossed" is one of the last episodes featuring Beth, as she is expected to be killed off in the mid-season finale.

The Spoiling Dead Fans hinted Beth's death through a post on 3 November, and noted that Emily Kinney, who essays Beth, has not been seen on the set since filming episode 8, which is the mid-season finale. The episode is titled "Coda," and according to the official synopsis new enemies will disregard rules and morals and this will result in a violent confrontation with Rick's gang.

As for what to expect in the episode, here's what The Spoiling Dead Fans have to say.

"We received some information a while back stating the MSF would have a death and would be bloody. Last night we saw Noah escape the hospital as reported. Recently, we stated that Noah would be used as a "bargaining chip" when the group goes to the hospital for Carol and Beth. Noah "volunteers" to return to the hospital with Rick's group," the Spoiling Dead Fans posted.

"No one finds Beth as a walker," it further read. "There is a 'standoff' of sorts. She has the choice to leave and has a moment of gumption (or weakness, depending on how you look at it) that leads to her demise. Beth ends up believing that the choice she makes is a necessity in the end. But Beth doesn't envision things ending the way they do. It will be a harrowing moment not only for Beth, but for Daryl, Carol and the others as well."

"The Walking Dead" season 5 airs on Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.