The Walking Dead
The Walking DeadFacebook/Screenshot

Filming of the fifth season of "Walking Dead" has been shrouded in secrecy, but a few titbits about the first few episodes have leaked, and spoilers indicate that it will pick up immediately following March's cliffhanger that saw Rick Grimes and gang trapped in Terminus.

Rick and Daryl, the characters played by Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus respectively, recently sat down with TVGuide to speak about the upcoming season and they noted that the opening sequence won't be disappointing.

"Even though we're in the worst jeopardy we've been in for a long time, we're probably at our strongest. The last speech in the boxcar was a very important call to arms and a show of intent. I think people generally won't be disappointed with the opener," Lincoln said.

As for where his character Daryl is when the season opens, Reedus said that viewers might soon see a whole different side of Daryl. "He's becoming more hardened and darker, which also makes him more fiercely loyal. You can only beat a dog so much with a stick before he bites you, and he keeps getting beaten with the stick, so I think he might snap."

As in the previous seasons, the action will mostly take place on road, and spoilers have hinted the death of at least two major characters with Glenn being a prime target. The Spoiling Dead's Facebook page reported back in May about the filming of Glenn's death scene, and although it still remains a rumour, multiple sources have since then spoken about the character being killed.

Soon after, the possible death of Tyreese was also hinted. "On August 27th, while filming in the Foreston Place aka Shirewilt Estates, Rick and Glenn were seen filming with Tyreese. What was seen during filming was a bloody Tyreese being carried out by Rick and Glenn," Spoiling Dead's Facebook post said.

"Both Rick and Glenn were holding Tyreese up and helping him walk. As far as we know, Tyreese has not been "seen" since then by any of our people," the post added.