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The cast of AMC's zombie apocalypse "The Walking Dead" has been teasing an emotional season 5 finale, prompting rumours of yet another fan-favourite character bidding goodbye in "Conquer."

Actor Norman Reedus told Entertainment Tonight in an interview that the finale is sure to hit fans hard and advised them to come prepared. "Wow, bring your Kleenex and you'll be screaming at your television," Reedus said.

And because AMC's season finale synopsis hints at Reedus' character Daryl being in danger, some believe he will be the next to go. The summary reads: "Daryl finds himself in trouble while out on the run. Meanwhile, in Alexandria, Rick and his group continue to feel like outsiders as danger lurks near the gates."

Speculations also point at Carol being a casualty. A quick scan of "The Walking Dead" fan forums show that many believe Carol is going to die, as her death would create a bigger impact that any other previous deaths.

"I'm leaning towards Carol dying now," a fan wrote on The Spoiling Dead Fans website. "I was thinking it would just be Alexandria randoms... but now I think they might try to "go big" with the finale. I think Jessie and Sam will probably make it, but I could see her losing her older son. I think Pete may go in ep.15, so probably not a finale death for him. I think Daryl will be safe this season, despite some speculation it could be him to go. I think if any "main cast" goes, it's going to be Carol."

"With her current arc and state of mind, I think the big death is gonna be Carol," another fan wrote.

The finale will be 90-minute-long and the extended duration of the episode is yet another factor that has worried fans. Many are hoping that the episode is 90 minutes simply because of the material they needed to cover and not due to a major character's death.

"The Walking Dead" airs on Sundays on AMC.