The Walking Dead
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The upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead" - titled "Slabtown" - will finally answer one of the most pressing questions that have been plaguing fans since season 5 premiered - where is Beth?

The theme of the episode, which will air on 2 November, is "Who Took Beth," and after months of waiting, fans got to see a glimpse of their favourite character in a promo video that shows her being held in a medical facility.

Although the hospital appears to be a safe place initially, Beth soon realises that the walkers are waiting just outside the gates, and this forces her to rethink her escape plan. Sadly for Beth, the situation inside the hospital isn't that pleasant as well. The hospital is believed to be managed by another group of survivors, who have a dark side to them.

The new brand of survivors are reportedly working on a cure for the zombie apocalypse, and Beth is kept hostage for an experiment. The trailer states that Beth is "part of a system" and "every sacrifice needs to be for the greater good."

Back in early June, "The Walking Dead" crew member Robert K Maxfield teased a few spoilers about the fourth episode tweeting, "This Episode 504 is really full of new....twists." Later, he added: "I'm whipped...another long day on set. We're shooting some cool stuff about...... Well, trust me, you're gonna be.... scared."

Meanwhile, Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" has been termed one of the brutal episodes by fans, who saw Rick Grimes shutting off his emotions and killing Gareth in a brutal way. This led to Maggie and Glen parting ways with Rick and leaving with Abraham.

Breaking down Rick's emotions following the slaughter, Andrew Lincoln told TV Guide that this season will focus on Rick's attempts to let go of the past and face the new world.

"I think it was a watershed moment of clear-cut decision-making. The scene at the trough that began the season was the most perilous [situation] they've ever been in. I think that probably scared Rick. He's hyper-vigilant now. He has to be in this world. Getting rid of the problem is, in that situation, the only solution," Lincoln said.

"It is a brutal killing, but I was very keen for it not to be an indulgent moment. You just see a man getting exhausted by it. It wasn't an emotional moment. This is about squashing this and getting rid of the threat," he added.