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No character is safe on AMC's "The Walking Dead," and Sunday's episode titled "Spend" will see two more characters bidding adieu following failed attempts to take down walkers.

As per The Spoiling Dead Fans, the first character to lose his life will be Aiden. While attempting to take down a walker, Deanna's son will accidentally shoot a grenade on the walker's body at close range, thereby killing himself.

"After the smoke clears, we see that Aiden has become a human shish kabob as he is impaled on a pole," writes The Spoiling Dead Fans. However, Tara, who was with Aiden, gets knocked down and before the walkers could get to her she is rescued by Eugene.

While not many fans are going to grieve over Aiden's death, the second death, although expected, will have fans wiping away tears.

Noah, for who Beth gave up her life, will die in the episode after he and Glenn get trapped in what looks like an office building. Describing how Noah will lose his life, TSDF wrote: "Noah gets trapped behind a glass wall of sorts and Glenn watches as Noah's face is pressed up against the glass while some dirty walker fingers go into his mouth and his cheek is ripped apart."

Condolences for Noah have already started pouring in, but there are many who feel Noah should have died instead of Beth and Tyreese, who died after he was bitten by Noah's zombified brother.

Talk of Noah dying has been doing the rounds ever since actor Tyler James Williams was announced as a series regular in the new "Criminal Minds" spin-off. Although neither Williams nor AMC confirmed that Noah will be killed in the second half of the season, the difficulty to accommodate the actor in two different shows is what gave rise to speculation that the character will die.

The official synopsis of the episode reads: "While trying to secure a new home, Rick and his group face challenges, and question the utopia they find themselves in."