Norman Reedus
Fans of 'The Walking Dead' star Norman Reedus will get a glimpse of his upcoming project at San Diego Comic Con 2015.Facebook/Norman Reedus

By now, fans of "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus know about the actor's tendency to lick anything and everything, thanks to his photo uploads on Twitter and Instagram.

Therefore, it was only normal when a section on Tuesday's episode of "Conan" was dedicated to finding out how Reedus, the actor who essays Daryl Dixon on the zombie apocalypse, began this habit of licking people.

"It started because I started licking my castmates and Denise Huth, who is one of our producers, and then she would be like 'Don't lick me,' and then it became a thing," said Reedus. "And then I went to London and took a bunch of selfies with monuments and stuff where I was licking monuments, or like Charlie Chaplin guys on the street."

Reedus admitted that it does get weird sometimes when dads come up to him and say, "Lick my daughter."

Interestingly, fans aren't grossed out about Reedus' licking habit, and based on Twitter chatter it seems like many want to be licked by the actor.

Check out a few tweets below.

Reedus' "The Walking Dead" castmates had earlier opened up about his tendency to greet people with a lick in an Entertainment Weekly interview back in September. Actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, even called the zombie killer as "a licker, not a fighter."

Lauren Cohan revealed that Reedus' standard greeting is to lick someone's face when "we are covered in [dirt and zombie grime]."

In a separate interview, Reedus sat down with EW Radio's Dalton Ross and said he was amazed how his licking became a thing and even made it to the Urban Dictionary. "To Reedus" is now a verb meaning "to lick something."

"I'm just an idiot," Reedus joked. "Producers asked me to stop licking people … It's no fun if they see it coming."