Wacky restaurants
A diner has his meal on toilet seats at a toilet-themed restaurant in Hangzhou in Zhejiang.Reuters

Ever fancied eating off of a commode shaped tableware? The thought itself is puke-inducing. But clearly some people don't mind a bit of off-colour humour on their plates. One of Hangzhou's toilet-themed restaurants has toilet seats for chairs and serves food in miniature bathtubs and toilet bowls.

However, not every themed restaurant will reconsider your eating out options, some come with Barbie and Hello Kitty decor, where waitresses are dressed in all things pink, looking lovely. The fashion doll-themed one has chairs done up in pink with lovely frills around its legs. The one modelled on the cartoon character serves food that looks exactly like it.

For the geeks and people who do not mind a little bit technology every now and then, Robot Restaurant in Harbin, Heilongjiang is your go-to joint. Opened four years ago, the restaurant, at the time of opening, was using as many as 20 robots, which would cook meals and deliver food.

Airbus converted into an eating place and restaurants where nurses serve drinks using IV bottles are some of the other wacky restaurants where you can, very adventurously, round off your day.