&TV's "Waaris," which showcases the journey of a mother in raising a girl child as a boy, will soon take seven years leap. After the time jump, Manpreet (played by Saniya Tauqueer) will be seen as a grown-up and strong boy and attending school, while Amba (played by Aarti Singh), who has hidden Manpreet's identity all these years, will continue to ensure that none of the family members get a hint of her real identity.

Talking about the seven-year leap, Aarti said that with the time jump, the viewers will witness the beautiful bond between the mother and her child. "When I took up Waaris I knew I had a huge responsibility vested upon me with the character of Amba. If Amba's husband had not died then probably the child's identity would never have had to be hidden," Aarti said in a statement.

However, as the story moves ahead, Amba will have a difficult time in shielding Manpreet's identity as Amba's brother-in-law Jagan (played by Akshay Dogra) has been plotting a plan to expose Manpreet's identity. Jagan is aware of Amba's secret and is desperate to acquire the family fortune; he will leave no stone unturned to reveal the truth.

"Jagan is hell bent on acquiring the family fortune and can go up to any extent for the same. While he knows about Amba's secret, he is unable to prove it. This is what makes him even bitter. With the leap, the audience will see a more revengeful Jagan. It's quite a challenge to play this character because he has all the right qualities, but he channelizes them in a wrong manner," Akshay said.

As Manpreet sets to step out of her house and face the world, it remains to be seen how Amba manages to hide Manpreet's identity. Also, will Jagan succeed in exposing Amba's lie? Only time will tell.

"Waaris" highlights cultural issues and is based on the evil practice of preferring a boy over a girl child that is still prevalent in the society. Through its unique concept, "Waaris" focuses on the spreading the message of gender equality.