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Virtual reality (VR) gaming, being a fully-immersive experience, can lead to a few spills, knocked-over vases and stubbed toes. Fortunately, gaming accessories manufacturer Nyko has come up with a system that will warn users if they are about to walk straight into a wall.

While some VR games can be played with a controller and in the comfort of your favourite chair, other games are designed to be played by moving around, as in the case of "The Brookhaven Experiments."  With the Nyko VR Guardian system in place, users can set up a "safe zone" within which all the gaming can take place. When the user approaches the edges of the safe zone, the VR Guardian will warn users through a pair of vibrating wrist bands.

The system comprises four Bluetooth-enabled positional sensors that can be placed at the four corners of the safe zone. Users will also be required to wear a pair of adjustable wristbands with vibrating motors built into them.

Gizmodo reported that users can establish a safe zone as large as 20 ft x 20 ft.

The entire system works wirelessly and once the user in done playing, they can stack the four sensors and charge them simultaneously as a single unit.

According to Nyko, the VR Guardian will cost $100 and will be available for sale during the holiday season this year.

What Nyko's VR Guardian does, however, isn't very different from the system HTC implemented in its Vive VR headset. The Chaperone guidance system helps users establish a safe zone as well. The Vive warns users through visual cues and unlike the VR Guardian's sensors, the Vive's base stations can't be put away or moved to a friend's place at short notice.