Volkswagen India announced the shipment of the 100,000th India-made car to Mexico. The 100,000th car exported to Mexico was a red Volkswagen Vento and the model will take seven weeks to reach its destination.

Volkswagen started exporting its India-made cars to Mexico in late 2013 and company's Vento sedan has become one of the popular models in that market in less than two years. Volkswagen India currently exports the Volkswagen Polo and Vento to over 30 countries in Asia, Africa and North America.

 "A Volkswagen built anywhere in the world meets the same quality standards. This is evident by the way the Volkswagen Vento and Polo have been accepted worldwide. With the success of our highest quality cars in a key market like Mexico, we can further increase our scope of export to other countries in the near future," said Carsten Goransch, Executive Director, Logistics, Volkswagen India Private Limited.

Volkswagen Pune Plant Chronicle

March 2009: Volkswagen Pune Plant inaugurated

December 2009: Start of Polo production

August 2010: Start of Vento production

December 2010: Start of production for export to South Africa

July 2011: 100,000th car rolled out of Pune plant

July 2012: Start of production of left-hand drive cars

October 2013: Start of export to Mexico

April 2014: 50,000th export car rolled out of Volkswagen Pune plant

December 2014: With 111,444 units, the highest number of cars produced at the Pune plant within one year

19 May 2015: 500,000th car rolled out of Pune plant

20 August 2015: 100,000th car exported to Mexico from Pune plant