Aliyah Moulden and Dawson Coyle on The Voice USA 2017
Aliyah Moulden and Dawson Coyle perform on The Voice USA 2017 (Season 12) Battle Round 2Screenshot from The Voice YouTube Video

The Battles episode 3 of The Voice USA 2017 (Season 12) will be premiered tonight with six pairs (12 contestants) taking the stage in the hope of impressing the coaches -- Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton – which is the only way to stay in the competition.

Contestants from the same team are paired and made to compete against each other in this round of the competition called The Battles. Only one from a pair will be selected by the original coach to represent the team in the Knockouts, while the other contestant will be available to other coaches for steal.

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So, who will perform in tonight's episode? Well, at least two pairs from Team Adam should hit the stage tonight, as he still has four pairs left to perform. Gwen and Alicia have three pairs each, while Blake has only two.

Here is list of contestants who are yet to perform in The Battles:

Team Adam: Johnny Hayes, Jesse Larson, Julien Martinez, Kawan Debose, Taylor Alexander, Malik Davage, Hanna Eyre, Sheena Brook

Team Gwen: Stephanie Rice, Brandon Royal, Troy Ramey, Caroline Sky, Davina Leone, Jozy Bernadette

Team Alicia: Lilli Passero, Autumn Turner, Jack Cassidy, Lauryn Judd, Hunter Plake, Vanessa Ferguson

Team Blake: Josh Hoyer, Enid Ortiz, TSoul, Valerie Ponzio

The Voice USA 2017 Battles episode 3 will be aired on Monday at 8 pm EST / 10 ET/PT / 06:30 am IST (Tuesday) on NBC. It can be live-streamed on NBC's official website (restricted to certain areas) but it requires a subscription.

The show will move to the Knockout round next week.