"The Voice" USA 2015 (Season 9) week 3 saw top 11 finalists performing live before the coaches and audience in the hope of advancing to the next round. There were some beautiful performances and equally mediocre renditions, making it a sort of "cocktail" of the good and the bad.

Top 10 finalists will be announced tonight, which means only one artiste will be sent home. Two of the contestants with least public votes will be made to perform again to stay in the competition and the audience can save one of them through Instant Save via Twitter.

Before getting to who is likely to be eliminated from the show on Tuesday, let's have a look at the performances of the top 11 finalists on Monday.

Shelby Brown (Team Adam) took on the song, "You and I" by Lady Gaga. It was a good performance and should not be in danger.

Evan McKeel (Team Pharrell) sang "Smile" by Nat King Cole. It was a decent rendition but it is to be seen if audience will vote him to safety.

Barrett Baber (Team Blake) rendered "Delta Dawn" by Tanya Tucker. It was a decent performance but could have done better. However, it's good enough to push him through to the next round.

Korin Bukowski (Team Gwen) took on the song, "Only Hope" by Mandy Moore. She started off on a good note but turned shaky in the later stage of her rendition. She was in the bottom two last week and could be placed there once again.

Amy Vachal (Team Adam) sang "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift and it was a good performance. She should be safe.

Zach Seabaugh (Team Blake) rendered "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" by Thompson Square. It was a poor performance despite usual praises from the coaches. He could be in danger of being eliminated.

Madi Davis (Team Pharrell) performed "Love Is Blindness" by Jack White. It was a beautiful rendition with abundant melody.

Braiden Sunshine (Team Gwen) sang "True" by Spandau Ballet. It was a decent performance but not sure if it will push him to the next round.

Jordan Smith (Team Adam) took on the song, "Who You Are" by Jessie J. It was a very good performance though a little more emotion could have made it even better.

Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake) sang "Why Not Me" by The Judds. It was a beautiful rendition with right emotion and note. She should be through to the next round – no doubt about it.

Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen) performed "Dancing on My Own" by Kings of Leon. It was perhaps the best performance of the night. Everything was cool from emotion to falsetto.

So, who should stay in the competition and who should be eliminated tonight? Korin Bukowski, Zach Seabaugh and Braiden Sunshine could be in danger if Monday's performance is anything to go by but it is the audience who will decide the fate of the contestants in the competition. So, one can't quite predict who will be sent home.

"The Voice" USA 2015 (Season 9) top 10 finalists will be announced at 8 p.m. EST, Tuesday on NBC. The episode can also be live streamed on the channel's official website, though it is restricted to some certain areas and needs subscription. NBC also broadcast the "The Voice" episode free online a day after it is aired on television.