The final week of blind auditions will kick off on Monday with the judges – Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and Blake Shelton – shy of just two members to form their respective teams.

Last week's episode saw the first ever "The Voice" proposal, when Jubal Lee decided to pop the question to his partner Amanda Prestar after their blind auditions.

"I think it's pretty obvious since we started dating it's probably where this was going to go," Lee was quoted as saying by the about his proposal. "It just works. I figured you have this opportunity to come do a blind audition you want to marry the girl anyway, why not? I mean, it's good TV, it's fun, it's sharing the moment. I mean it's just – I just didn't see any downside to going for it there."

The blind auditions will come to an end on Monday's episode with talents from different parts of the country vying for a spot on the show. The competition is tough, especially now that the judges have just two slots to fill.

According to the promo, viewers are in for a surprise, as the show has reserved the best for the final week of the blind auditions.

Check out the promo below:

Episode 5 of "The Voice" US season 9 will be aired on NBC at 8pm ET. A live stream of the last week of blind auditions can be watched online on, provided the viewer has a subscription with a participating television provider.

Here's the final standing:
Team Pharrell: Darius Scott, Celeste Betton, Madi Davis, Jubal and Amanda, Riley Biederer, Daria Jazmin, Ivonne Acero, Evan McKeel, Mark Hood, and Siahna Im

Team Gwen: Korin Bukowski, Alex Kandel, Jeffery Austin, Lyndsey Elm, Elli Lawrence, Noah Jackson, Tim Atlas, Hanna Ashbrook, Kota Wade, and Braiden Sunshine

Team Blake: Krista Hughes, Cole Criske, Morgan Frazier, Chris Crump, Tyler Dickerson, Blind Joe, Zach Seabaugh, Emily Ann Roberts, Nadjah Nicole, and Barrett Baber

Team Adam: Chance Peña, Viktor Király, Andi and Alex, Amanda Ayala, Manny Cabo, Cassandra Robertson, Regina Love, James Dupré, Keith Semple, and Jordan Smith

"The Voice" US is aired Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.