Competition is getting intense on NBC's singing reality show "The Voice", as fans are in for a treat this Monday when season 9 episode 11 is aired.

"The Voice" knockout rounds will see Bajan beauty Rihanna entering the show as a key adviser to all the coaches. RiRi, as she is popularly known, will help out coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.

Just like the contestants, the judges too are thrilled to have RiRi on the show, and Shelton recently gushed about her in an interview with Access Hollywood.

"I was amazed by Rihanna," Shelton said of "The Voice" 2015 mentor. "She is so funny… and she's crazy about me, We'll probably end up hooking up at some point. I'm just saying."
Levine, on the other hand, has a different kind of a relationship with the "Diamond" singer.

"She and I have this kind of bicker-y, brother-sister [relationship], 'cause I've known her for a long time," he said in a separate interview.

Final standings:

Team Adam: Andi & Alex; James Dupre; Jordan Smith; Keith Semple; Viktor Kiraly; Shelby Brown, Blaine Mitchell and Dustin Christensen.

Team Gwen: Ellie Lawrence; Kota Wade; Korin Bukowski; Summer Schappell; Regina Love; Riley Biederer; Braiden Sunshine and Jeffery Austin.

Team Blake: Barrett Baber; Blind Joe; Chris Crump; Zach Seabaugh; Emily Ann Roberts; Nadjah Nicole; Chance Pena and Ivonne Acero.

Team Pharrell: Evan McKeel; Madi Davis; Mark Hood; Siahna Im; Amy Vachal; Darius Scott; Morgan Frazier and Tim Atlas.

While the knockout rounds will see more contestants being sent home, it will also see the judges fighting for some great steals.

For instance, a promo video shows Shelton and Levine battling it out for someone, and this battle between the judges has been termed epic.

"I know your moves before you make them, baby," Levine is heard saying in the clip as he and Shelton hit their buttons.

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